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Project Description
Small footprint, portable and simple database query tool. Support SQL CE 3.1, SQL CE 3.5 and SQL Server.
  • Support SQL CE 3.1, SQL CE 3.5, SQL Server and Oracle.
  • Support SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, ALTER and CREATE statement
  • Support sql comment (/* …*/) and (--) like SQL Management Console.
  • You can run multiple queries together. Each query is separated by semicolon.
  • You can switch database in the query using the USE database name statement. Database name is case sensitive.
  • You can copy (ctrl c) on a database, table and column tree node and paste (ctrl V) in to the query editor to reduce typing.
  • Each query pane(sql tab) has their own result pane.
  • Support ctrl enter(to insert a line above) and ctrl shift + enter (insert a line below) in editor.
  • Able add new query tab and close query tab.

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